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Why us
We are soaring high among our competitors owing to the following reasons:
We entered the persulfate industry in 2015, and frankly, Before this, the industry has been developing for many years. But one thing that cannot be ignored is that we have an obvious advantage of backwardness. We can fully absorb and avoid the excellent experiences of our predecessors and the lessons of failure.
At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, we comprehensively considered modern equipment, automated facilities, scientific management, and the concept of environment-friendly development. Will ensure that we are in an excellent dominant position in the competition.
Automatic production
The company has first-class automatic production equipment, first-class production management level, production using DCS automatic control system. Adopting the most advanced domestic tantalum-clad copper and graphite electrode electrolysis production process,environmental protection and energy-saving, fully adopting automatic control system.
Environment friendly
The company always adheres to the synchronization of environmental protection and benefits, attaches to safety development, green development, and circular development, continues to invest in scientific and technological innovation and research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and Dream of becoming the world's one worthwhile gold persulfate producer and service provider.
Competitive prices
We try our best to provide our customers with more competitive prices from the perspectives of raw material procurement, process optimization, logistics and transportation, scientific management, and so on. It is used to ensure the profit of the customer. Timely delivery.
Independent R & D team
Constantly innovation to create value for customers and for a better world.
Good service and well reputation
In the past few years of rapid development, we have served many circuit board and semiconductor technology companies, and we have also had government purchase orders for agricultural chemical parks. A good reputation is the motivation and proof of our persistence.
Contact us

Add: Jiaoyang Recycling Industrial Park, Shanghang County, Fujian Province,China
Contact: Wen Jian Quan    
Tel: +86-18505970185


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