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Ammonium persulfate-Ammonium peroxydisulfate-APS Initiator

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Brand: MingLin™
Company type: Manufacturer/Exporter
Mini Order Quantity: Usually 1FCL
Supply Ability: 200tons/month
Applications: Polymerization\Radical Initiator\Oil fracturing additives
Product Grade: Industrial grade
Country of origin: LongYan/FuJian/China

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physical and chemical properties: 

Ammonium persulfate is a white single crystal, density 1.98, completely decomposed at 120 °C, completely dry and can not be decomposed for long-term storage, not suitable for moisture absorption, but gradually releases oxygen and ozone after absorbing moisture. Dissolved in water and decomposed by heat. It has strong oxidizing property and can be used as chemical reagent, oxidant, bleach, deodorant, monomer polymerization initiator. It also has the advantages of ease of use and safety.


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Production of Ammonium persulfate:
Ammonium peroxydisulfate is obtained by the process of electrolysis with a cold concentrated solution of ammonium bisulfate or ammonium sulfate in sulfuric acid (H2SO4) at a high density. 


Ammonium persulfate is not a flammable product, but it can help combustion because it can release oxygen. When it is stored, it must be stored in a dry, airtight container to avoid direct sunlight and heat source. Do not contact with reducing substances such as organic substances, rust, and small amounts of metals to prevent decomposition and explosion of ammonium persulfate. Because the moist ammonium persulfate powder and its aqueous solution are bleached and slightly corroded, the eyes, skin, and clothing are kept in direct contact with it during use.


Widely used in storage battery industry.  Used to produce persulfates and refine of Ammonia Sulfate.

Polymerization: It is used as initiator for the polymerization of monomers and as a strong oxidizing agent in many application. It has the particular advantage of being almost non-hygroscopic, of having a particularly good storage stability and of being easy and safe to handle.

Radical Initiator: It is used as a radical initiator for emulsion polymerization reactions and for accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives.

Oil and Gas Production:

Breaker; Allows a delayed breakdown of the gel in Drilling Muds.Oil fracturing additives,  Drilling Fluid Additives. 

Textiles: De-slurry and bleach - especially for low-temperature bleaching.

Hair Cosmetics: Essential component of bleaching formulations.

Metal treatment: Treatment of metal surfaces (e.g. in the manufacture of semiconductors; cleaning and etching of printed circuits), activation of copper and aluminium surfaces.

Soil stabilization : Ammonium persulfate is used as a curing agent in chemical grout systems used to stabilize soil near dams, tunnels, and buildings.

Others: It is also used as a soil conditioner and in manufacture of dyestuffs, modification of starch, bleach activator, desizing agent for oxidative desizing, etc.

Technical data:

We also offer specific grades according to customer requirements.


1, net weight 25 kg composite paper bag lined with single-layer plastic bag

2, net weight 25 kg PE bag

3, net weight 25 kg woven bag lined with double-layer plastic bags

4, net weight 1000 kg woven bag lined with single-layer plastic bags (1000 kg in a pallet)

Technical data:

Item Index
Appearance White crystal
Content ≥98.5%
Reactive oxygen ≥6.9%
Residue on ignition (as sulfate) ≤0.02%
Chloride and chlorate (as Cl) ≤0.001%
Manganese (Mn) ≤0.00005%
Iron (Fe) ≤0.0005%
Heavy metal (as Pb) ≤0.0005%
Moisture ≤0.10%
Decomposition temperature Above 60°C
Storage temperature Normal temperature
Shelf life 12 months

We also offer specific grades according to customer requirements.

1、 Port

Usually Xiamen or Shanghai

2、Is MinLin a manufacturer or just a trading company?

Fujian Minglin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2015, is a high-tech enterprise committed to the production of a series of persulfate products (ammonium persulfate, sodium persulfate, potassium persulfate).

The company is located in Jiaoyang Industrial Zone, Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province, covering 46666 ㎡. The company's registered capital is 66 million yuan, with a total investment of 350 million yuan.

3、What is the Mini Order Quantity?

Normally, our MOQ is 1 FCL, but we could apply less quantity if customers have special requirements on quantity, just the price for LCL will be a little higher than FCL.

4、What is the price of our Persulfate?

Prices are usually affected by many factors, such as raw materials, environmental protection policy, electricity supply policy, market supply, and so on.
Large orders generally enjoy lower prices, and we usually advise our customers to make purchase plans in advance according to their production plans to resist unpredictable price changes. To ensure their profits. Of course, we have been working in this field for several years, and we will use our expertise to control costs.

5、How long shall we wait for your reply?

We can guarantee to reply your inquiries less than 8 hours in working days.

6、What kinds of transportation types can you provide?

Our main modes of transportation include air, land, and water. However, because of the specific requirements of air transport packaging, and not simple procedures, this will incur higher additional costs, usually, large orders, the use of air transportation is not recommended. Land transportation is a mode of transportation. To be honest, it's not common either.

7、What kinds of payment terms can you accept?

For customers who cooperate for the first time, we usually require TT payment method. For old customers, in addition to tt, we can also explore more flexible payment methods. To enhance trust, we welcome you to make an appointment to come to China for a factory inspection.

8、How long the lead time?

Typically, we can guarantee that most parts of the world will arrive within 30 days, but the timing depends on the shipping company and other factors that are difficult to predict, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Air transportation limitation reference: about 3-7 days.

Maritime limitation reference: about 15-35 days.

9、Promotion policy

After submitting your information, we confirm that you can get a 1 kg sample for project testing free of charge, but you will pay the freight. To show our sincerity, We will deduct this freight in future business cooperation. And we will send relevant promotion information to your email from time to time.

You can also collect our website, and we will carry out promotional activities from time to time.


1. 25kg net weight composite paper bag lined with a single-layer plastic bag.

2. The net weight of the PE bag is 25kg.

3. Net weight 25kg woven bag lined with a double-layer plastic bag.

4. Net weight 1000 kg woven bag lined with a single-layer plastic bag (above packing 1000 kg one pallet)

11、Does it support Graphic customization?

On a case-by-case basis, they usually depend on the size of the order.

12、Documents with the goods

Usually, we provide a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, COA, health certificate, and certificate of origin. If your market has any special requirements, please let us know.

13、Does it support Shipping mark customization?

It is usually supported.

14、Where are our company and base?

The company and plant are located at Jiaoyang Recycling Industrial Park, Shanghang County, Fujian Province.

You can check the online map on the "contact us" page to better understand where we are.

15、How can I get the new price of a product?

Please provide the exact or approximate quantity, packing details, destination port or special requirements, then we could give you the price accordingly.

16、How can I get a sample?

We can provide free samples for your test, but samples freight should be paid by your side.

17、How do you guarantee the quality?

First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. When the production is finished, they'll take samples from every batch of cargo, and send to our lab for inspection. After pass15ed the inspection, then we will arrange the delivery.

18、How will you deliver the goods?

We have professional express forwarder, strong cooperate with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, China Air Post.

For container products, we can do sea shipping,can guarantee that you can receive the product successfully and safety. You also can choose your own shipping forwarder.

Contact us for more information on Application Consultation, Sample Support, FOB Pricing etc.You will be replied within 12 hours.
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