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Ammonium persulfate is a white single crystal, density 1.98, completely decomposed at 120 °C, completely dry and can not be decomposed for long-term storage, not suitable for moisture absorption, but gradually releases oxygen and ozone after absorbing moisture. Dissolved in water and decomposed by heat. It has strong oxidizing property and can be used as chemical reagent, oxidant, bleach, deodorant, monomer polymerization initiator. It also has the advantages of ease of use and safety.


Sodium persulfate is a white colorless, odorless crystal, or powder with a density of 2.4g/cm 3 , which is decomposed by ethanol and has good stability at room temperature. Often used as a strong oxidant, it can also act as a monomer polymerization initiator. It absorbs little moisture, is easy to store, and is easy to use and safe.


Potassium persulfate is a white, odorless crystal with a density of 2.477, decomposed at about 100°C, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, and has strong oxidizing properties. For the manufacture of explosives, bleaches, oxidants, but also for polymerization initiators. It absorbs almost no moisture and is stable at room temperature for storage. Easy to use and safe.


Anhydrous sodium sulfate belongs to monoclinic crystals and has short columnar crystals, is aggregates are compact and crusty, and are colorless and transparent, sometimes with pale yellow or green color, easily soluble in water. White, odorless, bitter crystalline or powdery, hygroscopic. The appearance is colorless, transparent, large crystals or small granular crystals. It is insoluble in strong acids, aluminum and magnesium. It easily hydrates in humid air and turns into a powder of aqueous sodium sulfate over the surface.

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